David's Pizzeria

Address / Location

Calle Madrid 12. 07820, San Antonio, Ibiza

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12 24.30 hours of a
13 16 from a 19 to 24 and hours
Sundays and Mondays at noon in winter and Sundays in summer
Closed for vacations
From 20 from October to the end of February

Pizzeria David's, in San Antonio, has been serving over 20 for years serving popular recipes of Italian and French cuisine at competitive prices. Daily menu, pastas and meats and pizzas in Ibiza

In the municipality of San Antonio is the David's restaurant, an establishment that has been eating for more than twenty years among the most varied public in Ibiza.

Your letter is composed of dishes of Italian and French cuisine, besides having a great assortment of pizzas and pasta seasoned with exclusives sauces. All the products that they use for their preparation are Fresh and of quality. Your kitchen team takes care of every detail, which you will discover when you see the good taste with which they decorate each of their dishes.

When it comes to French cuisine, they serve dishes like duck magret with apple and honey sauce or crispy goat cheese salad. They also emphasize their homemade desserts, among which we can not miss the Tiramisu.

Do not miss your today's menu for only 12'50 euros. You can ask for it until 20.30 hours. In addition, until June, they prepare another menu more elaborate for 15'50 euros. In it you will find dishes like Salad with foie gras, duck magret, entraña or chicken breast with mushrooms.

For the little ones of the house also have a Children's menu very affordable. Nuggets or pasta, a drink, a dessert andAlso a surprise They will love and keep you entertained throughout the meal. In addition, they have gluten-free and lactose-free dishes, so that does not stop you from enjoying your food.

En pizzeria David's A team of professionals will attend you and will do everything possible to make you feel at home. Is a perfect place to go with family, with friends or, why not, to celebrate small private events such as birthday parties. You will only have to choose between your living room or its broad terrace, ideal for summer.

If you are looking for a restaurant in San Antonio where eat or dine well and at a good price, David's pizzeria is your place.


If you fancy pasta, try the clam with cherry tomato and, if you're more meat, ask for the chicken bocconcini with marsala sauce, a breast stuffed with Parma ham and mozzarella de buffala. For dessert, do not forget to order your famous tiramisu, some profiteroles or the pear pie with almonds, hot chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream.

Kitchen hours

From April from 13 to 24 hours. From June to October from 12 to 24.30. Rest of season from 13 to 16 hours and from 19.30 to 24.

How to get there

The David's pizzeria is located in a corner of Madrid street number 12, next to the Plaza de España, very close to the peasant market.


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