Restaurante Benítez

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Open all year long

Address / Location

Calle Madrid, building Kingdom I, 07820, San Antonio, Ibiza

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Tuesday to Sunday from 7 to 24 hours
Tuesday to Sunday from 7 to 24 hours
Closed for vacations
The 15 15 December to January

At the Benitez restaurant in San Antonio you will find delicious homemade food, a daily menu, tapas, breakfasts and a great atmosphere in Ibiza

Despite being in full San Antonio, the Benítez restaurant has been able to captivate the local public in a short time thanks to its homemade food, Its irresistible prices and a most familiar and friendly atmosphere.

Your letter is composed of the typical recipes of the Spanish cuisine, Always made with Top quality ingredients And with a special affection. Among its classics you will find cooked and stews of all kinds: of chickpeas, beans, lentils ... In addition, they are Tapas specialists as Meatballs, russian salad, calamari ... In fact, with each cane or glass of wine that you ask, they will put a spike!

If they are known for something it is for their menu. Monday to Friday You can choose between two delicious first, two seconds, dessert, drink, bread and allioli for only 9'5 euros. An incredible price, right? Well, the Sundays They have another bargain: Salad, paella, dessert and drink for 11 euros. Who says that eating well is at odds with the price is that you do not know Benítez Restaurant.

The desserts They are also a delight. Greixonera, flan, cheese cake ... all artisanal, Something you will notice with the first bite.

Have breakfast In Benitez restaurant is another of the options they offer. Toasts, pastries, natural juices... and all in the same line, that of taking care of your pocket. A Toast with tomato with a coffee with milk It will only cost you two euros.

And there is still more! If you have organized a meeting with family or friends and do not feel like going into the kitchen, get in touch with the friendly staff of the restaurant. Can order fish paellas, seafood, mussels to the seamen, fish stew or any Ibizan specialty. They will have it ready when you need it and your guests will suck their fingers.

You know, if you want eat at a good price And, in addition, to choose between A good number of options, Restaurante Benítez it is what you are looking for.


The fried octopus or the cod with tomato will whistle. The tortilla is the star of the place, as well as the meat with tomato in the Andalusian style. You will want to taste it all!

Kitchen hours

From 13 to 16 and from 20 to 24 hours, however, you can enjoy their caps all day long.

How to get there

Restaurante Benítez is in the area at the end of San Antonio, the one that overlooks the coast. You will find it at the height of the peasant market and the Cervantes school, just opposite.


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    hi, i am coming out on the 1st of may for the full season and i am just trying to secure a job over there. I am a very hard worker and would take my work seriously as I want to live a good life style over there rather then just partying all the time! I have a good personality and fun person. if you would require anybody i would love to chance to work with you.

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