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Plaza Sant Antoni Church 2, 07820 San Antonio, Ibiza

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From 11 to 3 at dawn
Closed for vacations
From the beginning of November to May

Sit on the terrace of the Babel restaurant in San Antonio, share some tapas and savor, according to your customers, one of the best mojitos in Ibiza

El restaurant Babel, located in the old town of San Antonio, it is a least curious site, of those that invite to enter. To begin we will tell you that the English newspaper 'Mirror' already set a few years ago in Babel, mentioning it in its list of the ten bars of Ibiza in which to have a good cocktail without leaving you a fortune. And without a doubt one of his most successful creations is this drink made with fresh fruit. They have a special manual machine to make caipirinhas and, according to their clients, serve the best mojitos on the island.

But before you start drinking, you better do something because we assure you that you can not just have a cocktail, so it's best if you do it on a full stomach. In your letter you can choose from a large number of options. Most are light dishes that you can share comfortably with yours.
La Mediterranean food is the main basis of the menu of Babel, but they also possess dishes with Asian touches, tapas, salads or meats and grilled fish. They also have tables of Iberian and Manchego sausages (Iberian ham cut with knife) and some options for vegans. What is certain is that no one will be left without eating because in total you can choose between a few 60 different dishes. By the way, do not worry about the price, because you will not be displeased when you ask for the bill.

You can choose to sit in your nice and fresh terrace with views of the Church or do it inside. It is worth knowing your interior room as it is a space that has been made with great effort and originality. All the elements that make up the hall have been recycled by themselves, like the floor mosaic. It is a place special and intimate you can book to celebrate feasts of any kind if you need it.

Babel, with their more than ten years of experience, has become one of the most remarkable places in San Antonio, those that away from the crowd and the clutter who live in this area during the summer. A different and appetizing option that you can enjoy at any time since they do not close any day.


According to its owners, the kitchen of Arriaga awaken the taste in the tongue with your honest ability to praise the foods of the sea and the land of your choice. # Enjoy UnMontón, that's what they recommend.

Kitchen hours

From 13 hours to 1 at dawn.

How to get there

It is located in the old area of ​​San Antonio, right in one of the corners of the Plaza de la Iglesia.

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