Torö Ibiza

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Alava street. 07820, San Antonio, Ibiza

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Every day from 9 from morning to 1 from dawn

Torö Ibiza is a sports bar in the bay of San Antonio with an updated touch of the typical Spanish traditional bars. Sandwiches, wraps and gourmet snacks, beer and cocktail menu and the beautiful sunset as a companion

"It's not a bar, it's an attitude." That is the cover letter from Torö Ibiza, un Sports Bar in the San Antonio Bay Area Little or nothing conventional.

To start, your Decoration is most striking. Torö's idea is to recreate the typical spanish bar, castizo, but With current touches. Thus, its living room and terrace are decorated with tiles of different shades of blue, ocher or black, with elements in bamboo and natural vegetation.

Illuminated signs with phrases like "To eat, drink and dance, that the world is going to end" or "Cold beer for hot souls", complete that shameless and mediterranean air that you breathe in Torö Bar. And eye, because that freshness also extends to your breakfasts, meals and cocktails.

His breakfast highlights the toasts, both classic and more groundbreaking, the pastries, pancakes, yogurt, fruit, muesli or granola.

At lunch or dinner do not lose sight of their Sandwiches, pizzas and gourmet wraps. A simple proposal that always triumphs. Even more so when, as in this case, They are made with category products personally selected by the Ibizan chef Adrián Velasco. Special mention should be made of their Sandwiches Their right combinations will surprise you and their names will bring you a smile. That because? Well, because they have been baptized with the name of important Spanish personalities like 'Pantoja', 'Joselito', 'Fary' or 'Almodóvar'.

Accompany them with a beer Fresquita is key and here you can choose between a different 33! And if what you need is take the food with you You just have to ask for it. They have a Sandwich menu, chips and drink from 7 euros.

Another one of the things that are not missing in Torö Ibiza is the good atmosphere. As sports bar that is, they televise Sports events most important of the season, as well as others more alternative sports or e-games. And if you prefer a relaxing moment, you will also find it. From its flirtatious terrace you can see the sunset, the perfect time to try the cocktails They prepare their professional cocktail shakers. Some people say they are the richest in the bay!

If you are looking for a meeting point quaint, modern and with a fun menu and at good prices, You just found it in Torö Ibiza!


A 'Fary' with a good Special Model. Essential! If you prefer a vegetable option, the Montiel wrap with beet and tahin sauce.

Kitchen hours

Open all day! From 9 in the morning to 1 in the morning!

How to get there

Torö Ibiza is just below Aperture Terrace, in Cala de Bou. If you are in San Antonio go to the Port des Torrent area and, when you arrive at the beach of Es Puetó, you will see it right in front. If you leave from San José you must do the same way but in reverse. Always for the part of the bay.


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