Can Cosmi

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Open all year long

Address / Location

Plaza de la Iglesia, Santa Ines, 07850, Ibiza

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13 16.30 from a 19.30 to 22.30 and hours
From 1 to October 20 from 13 to 16.30 and from 19.30 to 22. From 21 from October to Holy Week from 13 to 16.30
Closed for vacations
From 10 from December to January 15

Can Cosmi, in the village of Santa Inés, is one of those restaurants of the Ibiza of yesteryear that catches you for its good work, its sights and its charm without equal

If you want to know the authentic essence of Ibiza the Can Cosmi restaurant, in Santa Inés, It is a must. The history of this emblematic place dates back to 60 over years, When it opened its doors to become the only townhouse. They sold a little of everything, in bulk, so that the locals did not have to go to the city to buy.

Little by little, when residents and tourists discovered the beauty of the place, they started to go up there. Carrying with their backpacks they arrived exhausted until the grocery store asking for something to take to the stomach. At that time they did not have refrigerators, but they had a wonderful vegetable garden and a good number of chickens. It was as well as Can Cosmi began to elaborate its tortillas, famous all over the island today. They started doing one every week and they are currently preparing hundreds of them!

The small grocery store is today more than a shop a meeting point for the residents of Corona. The restaurant, on the other hand, attracts tourists and residents alike. Attracted by the charm of this area that transmits a Peace and special magic, they come here to take a seat in their splendid terrace overlooking the Church And enjoy the Recipes of a lifetime. No eccentricities, here If it eats As it used to be: Well and good prices.

His letter does not stand out by its extension. In Can Cosmi they prefer to surprise you with a few Dishes elaborated with care. In addition to being specialists in tortillas (plaincloth, with vegetables is a triumph), you have to test your Lamb Chops or any of your Combined dishes. All the ingredients they cook with are fresh, which guarantees the quality of their food.

Another of the highlights of this picturesque establishment are its desserts. Their Homemade cakes Are a vice and also have their history. According to the season in which we find ourselves preparing one or the other, so the raw material is always in optimal conditions. Some of the best are chocolate and carrot And eye with your clay It ends in the blink of an eye!

Can Cosmi is the ideal place to go with both family and friends. Forget about the rush, lengthen the after-dinner here is inevitable. In winter it's a luxury to sit in your living room with fireplace, Especially in January and February when the Pla de Corona is filled with almond blossoms. A real spectacle worth completing with a visit to Can Cosmi. And what about the summer season? For you to hurry, that the terrace is filled to the brim thanks to its views, to the good food and the serenity that invades you just to step on it.

Are you going to be the only one left without knowing one of the most mythical places on the island?


In addition to the local tortilla, which is the star of the place, you have to try their baked lamb. Leg and shoulder with a sauce that gives them a juicy and exquisite taste. For dessert the chocolate cake is a must, as well as the homemade herb glass.

Kitchen hours

From 1 from October to Easter, they open every day except Tuesday from 13 to 16.30. The rest of the year you can eat from 13 to 16.30 and from 19.30 to 23 hours.

How to get there

Can Cosmi is next to the Church of Santa Inés. As you enter the town you will see it just in front.


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