Restaurante Mediterráneo

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Open all year long

Address / Location

Calle Granada 4, 07829 San Antonio, Cala de Bou, Ibiza

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From 12 to 2 at dawn
12 24 hours of a
On Monday
Closed for vacations
December and January

In the large Mediterranean restaurant terrace, in Cala de Bou, you will enjoy meat grills, pizzas or homemade hamburgers at great prices

Area Cala de bou is the Mediterranean restaurant, an establishment of the ones of the whole life, in which they will make you feel like in your own home.

In their kitchen they make a good number of dishes, among which are their grilled meats and his fast food. Do not confuse that tagline, here the meat of their burgers, the mass of their pizzas, the burritos, the tacos or the wraps are 100% homemade. Further, at night they start their barbecue, in which they prepare savory steaks or entrecots with different garnishes, among many other dishes.

Note that Their portions are generous. It's practically impossible for you to stay hungry! And yet, their Prices are not exorbitant.

El environment in Mediterranean restaurant is the best nice. Your team will treat you in a close way and with that sympathy that characterizes them. his terrace It is perfect for the days when the sun shines, for summer nights and to enjoy it with a drink wine, one of their refreshing cocktails or a good sangria.

Mediterranean coast opens its doors to the entire public. You go with family or friends, you will always find a space between your tables. On your screens You will see all sporting events it's from the season. Football, motorcycles, Formula 1 ... the most important appointments on the calendar. Also, if you want to organize a lunch or dinner with your family, they offer you their facilities and you can even ask for their Group menus.

Mediterráneo is a simple restaurant, without great pretensions, in which eat or dine at a good price in the area of ​​Cala de Bou.


Homemade pizzas and wraps have good fame among their customers, as well as the hamburger.

Kitchen hours

From 12 to 16 hours and from 20 to 24, both in winter and summer.

How to get there

Go to the restaurant from San Jose or from San Antonio, take the direction that takes you to Playa Pinet. Once there, you will see it in front of the Pinet Playa hotel.


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