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Open all year long

Address / Location

Calle de la Soledad 62, bajo. 07820, San Antonio, Ibiza

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12 24 hours of a
From 12 to 16 and from 19 to 22.30 hours. Sundays from 12 to 17
On Monday

Yenuina brings to Ibiza the delicious homemade pasta from Italy in different formats. Ask her to make it at home, ready to take away or to eat in her beautiful San Antonio place

Do you lose the pasta? In that case, go through the Yenuina restaurant It's almost an obligation!

This new venue San Antonio is born so that you can enjoy the Authentic Italian pasta It is not just a restaurant and cocktail bar, but they also exercise as a pasta laboratory. Yenuina's chefs prepare daily with the right instruments the fresh pasta, as well as the sauces with which you can enhance their flavor.

You have three alternatives other than when eating, just choose the one that is most comfortable for you. You can ask to be prepared a pasta dish to take away O well Take it without doing to finish it at home. Of course, you can also fit in your tables and ask to serve you right there.

Every day until 16 hours they make a menu. For only 10 euros you can enjoy a pasta dish, a drink, beer or glass of wine and a coffee. In addition, they prepare menus for groups by 20 / 25 euros. These include several Starters to share, a pasta dish, dessert, coffee and a bottle of wine.

Among its culinary offerings you will find dishes suitable for vegans and vegetarians. They have pasta with egg, without egg, integral ... Some eight different types without counting the ravioli and the gnocchi. Varieties that you can combine with sauces and amatriciana, carbonara, pesto, bolognese or four cheeses, among others.

Accompany them with a Spanish wine It never hurts, as well as finish your meal with a good homemade dessert. El tiramisu There is no lack in Yenuina's kitchen, nor cake of the day. Also, if what you want is to extend the after-dinner, they have a complete letter of distillates and cocktails they make with natural% 100 products.

Discover a new way of eating pasta in Yenuina more than reasonable prices.


From Yenuina we are advised to try the authentic Italian carbonara and to drink, the aperitif of the house, a special type of Aperol Spritz.

Kitchen hours

From 12 to 16 hours and from 19 to 22.30 in winter. On Sundays from 12 to 17. In summer from 12 to 24 hours.

How to get there

It is close to the Caló des Moro area, right next to the SOIB office in San Antonio.


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