Can Limo

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Open all year long

Address / Location

Carrer Pere Escanellas 6. 07830, San José, Ibiza

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May, June, September and October from 20 to 24.30 and July and August from 20 to 1
En marzo, abril, mayo y diciembre de martes a viernes de 10.30 a 16.00h, viernes y sábados de 19.30 a 23.30h. Domingo de 11.00 a 16.00h.
lunes y domingos tarde.
Closed for vacations
Mes de enero y hasta el 28 de febrero

Descubre en el restaurante Can Limo la auténtica gastronomía peruana en el centro del bonito pueblo de San José en Ibiza

Prepárate para recibir una inyección de energía repentina con solo pisar Can Limo, un precioso restaurante de San José. El colorido que invade el local hará que sepas de inmediato que has acertado con tu elección.

Marcos is the owner of this quaint restaurant. Peruvian fusion cuisine. After returning to Ibiza after a long stay in Peru, he decided to import the surprising flavors of his gastronomy. Thus created Can Limo, one of the highest representatives on the island of this much appreciated culinary trend.

The Can Limo menu does not stand out as an endless list of dishes. They have clear ideas and Quality is above all, therefore, they execute impeccably the More traditional recipes Under a Original and fun point of view. Their chefs always get the best of each ingredient, which is why the menu changes three times a year. In this way they adapt to the season products And get the most out of them.

One of the kings of the kitchen is the ceviche, Although equally tempting are the tiraditos, the Lima cause Or any of the suggestions Which are prepared daily out of charter.

As for the dessert, the classic classics await you with amazing Peruvian touches. Here the Panna cotta is made with lulo, A typical fruit of the country, and the Cheese cake is mango and passion fruit.

Do not think that his desire to transport you to this beautiful region ends here. They also offer you the option to accompany all your delights with the Peruvian beer par excellence, Cusqueña, And have a letter of Pisco-based cocktails, the most famous drink in Peru.

Take a seat in your terrace And be prepared for a unique culinary experience. If you need any other incentive you should know that the Sundays of July and August la live music Resounds in every corner of Can Limo. Lemon Emigrants is one of his favorite bands and, once a month, it is the turn to 'Pereypecias'. The trumpeter Pere Navarro takes the stage with different invited artists to offer a session that increases the warmth of this space.

Also, from June to September, the interior of the premises hosts various art exhibitions Which you can consult through Your Facebook.

If you still do not have the luck to know Peru, Can Limo takes the trouble to bring a good part of this culture through the universal language of the kitchen.


Yes or yes you should try the ceviche. The lamb or octopus to the olive tree are also sensational. To drink do not hesitate to order the famous Pisco Sour.

Kitchen hours

In May, June, September and October from 20 to 24.30. In July and August from 20 to 1 at dawn and in March, April, November and December on Fridays from 20 to 24 and Saturdays and Sundays from 13.30 to 16.30 and from 20 to 24 hours.

How to get there

Can Limo se encuentra en el centro del pueblo de San José, en la carretera principal entre la Caixa y el Sabadell.


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