Can Llorenç

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Open all year long

Address / Location

Plaza de la Iglesia, 07830, San Jose, Ibiza

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6 23 hours of a
6 23 hours of a
Closed for vacations
January 1 Day

In one of the most famous streets of Ibiza you will find Can Llorenç, in San José, a nice tapas place that will captivate you with its cozy atmosphere

If you do not know Can Llorençin the beautiful Municipality of San JoseIt's time for you to do it. This small restaurant is not a simple place of passage, but one of those places that they catch you from the first visit and those who return and again. This is the responsibility of your team, more than a group of employees a family itself will make you feel like you are part of them at all times. They derive sympathy and charisma creating an environment worthy of admiration today.

They carry eight years in one of the most famous streets of the Church square, a beautiful street known for having been chosen to shoot the odd movie, for appearing in the books of important models or in the wedding albums of many Ibiza. In it they have installed with exquisite taste a Small terrace where you can, among others, take one of your full breakfasts Do not skip a Sunday in Can Llorenç! They prepare delicious churros with chocolate. Of course, do not fall asleep, because until now residents and tourists from all over the island just for the purpose of testing them.

As for its menu, it is composed of wide variety of sandwiches, empanadas, burgers and pizzas, but the most success have are your caps. All of them are made with that ibicenco touch that they both like and, of course, are home. Sure you do not go hungry, but if you fancy a sweet try to ask for some orelletes, an ensaimada or the typical magdalena of Ibiza They are delicious!

For Angeles, its owner, Can Llorenç works like a true "correveidile". His fame circulates from mouth to mouth among locals and foreigners who pretend to enjoy a day quiet and pleasant while they taste dishes made with love, dedication and the best ingredients. You can go interchangeably with the family, friends or partnerDespite being small there is room for everyone.

On their screens relay the football games of the season and, whenever there is an event, are the first to sign up: Flower Power, Reeds & Roll… We warn you that the good atmosphere that is breathed in this charming village restaurant is contagious.

Can Llorenç is undoubtedly one of those places of You come out with a smile on your face and ready to recommend.


The Can Llorenç tortilla is known throughout Ibiza for being one of the best. It would be a crime to leave the restaurant without tasting it! The fried octopus or meatballs are also among its star dishes.

Kitchen hours

Both in summer and in winter they open from the 6 in the morning to the 23 hours.

How to get there

It is very simple. Once you get to the municipality of San José, you will run into the Church, well, with locating yourself in the square you will see Can Llorenç as it is in one of its streets.


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