Chiringuito Cala Escondida, Racó d'en Xic

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Address / Location

Cala Conta, 07829 San Jose, Ibiza

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Every day from 9 a 23 hours
Closed for vacations
They close after the last Sunday of October and open the first of April

Chiringuito Cala Escondida, in Racó d'en Xic. Love for the environment, Berber cuisine, incredible sunsets and the most spontaneous atmosphere of Ibiza

Reside in Ibiza or come to spend a few days on vacation, you should not miss the opportunity to get to know the ecological beach bar Escondida, in Racó d'en Xic, San Jose. We can tell you what a place like this has given us, but we advise you to live it in the first person, since awakens different sensations in each visitor, yes, always positive. The atmosphere that is breathed daily in Cala Escondida is magical. It is a unique place in Ibiza where the beauty of the landscape, the tolerance and the good atmosphere come together in equal parts.

Everything in it is special, starting with its assembly. Forget about the typical beach bar because we assure you that nothing has to do with what you imagine. At the beginning of summer, with the help of a huge crane, we proceed to its installation in the beautiful Racó d'en Xic, a small beach of Cala Conta still unknown by many. In one day the beach bar is fully installed. At the end of summer, the process is repeated but in reverse. The entire structure is dismantled and the cove returns to its original state in order to have the least possible impact in this beautiful environment. The environmental awareness of its owners does not end here. Cala Escondida is a chiringuito 100% respectful to the environment That works with solar panels and which bathroom and water system are ecological. Do not use glass, all the utensils they use are biodegradable.

The chiringuito came from a dream, the one of its owner Tess, who always wanted to have one in Cala Conta to be a special place for her and her family. As soon as you put one foot on it, the affection with which it was created appears.

La paper of Cala Escondida is based in local products and freshly prepared, simple and always homemade. Here you can taste some of the best dishes of the berber cuisine as hummus, couscous, tajin or fajitas. Intense flavors that will transport you to the same Morocco. In addition, they have gluten-free dishes and for vegetarians and veggie burger

Their cocktails are a success among its customers, as well as the organic wines. The natural juices They are also essential, especially in their breakfast with rich toasted bread toasts.

Sitting under the sun at one of your little tables by the sea is a luxury that you will not want to end. One of the aspects Tess most appreciates is that they do not have music, something surprising in Ibiza. This fact makes, in many cases, the same clients spontaneously start and sing or play their own music while they contemplate one of the most striking sunsets which can be seen all over the island. Is a small space in which each decorative element fits perfectly with the environment. The color, the wood, the shape of the porch ... nothing stands out except the seahorse, symbol of the restaurant.

Cala Escondida beach bar is the perfect example between fun and tranquility, good atmosphere and respect both towards people and the environment. A inspiring and soulful corner that will surely become part of your Favorite places in Ibiza.

To consider

They do not make reservations or accept cards as a form of payment since there is not always good coverage.


For breakfast try the toasted bread with avocado and, to eat, the delicious chicken couscous with the Cala Escondida cocktail (margarita with passion fruit). Do not forget to ask, as soon as you arrive, a cane and its famous peanuts. Tess still does not know what they have, but says that there are those who come to Cala Escondida just to enjoy this combination.

Kitchen hours

Every day from the 9 they serve breakfast and, from 13 to 22 hours, lunch and dinner.

How to get there

Head to the beach of Cala Conta. When you get to the main parking, 100 meters to the left, you will find stairs that will take you to the beach of Racó d'en Xic.



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