Ses Boques

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Ses Boques beach, Es Cubells, San José. Ibiza

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From mid-June to mid-September from 13 hours to 22. Rest of season from 13 to 20 hours
From the end of October to the end of April

Ses Boques, a restaurant with more than 40 years of experience embodied in each of the dishes that come out of your kitchen. Flavor 100% Ibiza by the sea

En a unparalleled natural landscape we found the restaurant Ses Boques, in San José, an establishment to which its 40 over years of experience have turned it into a essential in Ibiza. Forget luxury terraces, Ses Boques is the traditional beach bar of those of before, of those that are few, and in which the food is usually far above what you can imagine. Account with two terraces: one on wood and one in the sand sheltered from the sun by tall pines which give it a special charm.

Located on the beach that bears his name, in the small town of es Cubells, his menu is full of Ibiza flavors. As starters they have a selection of the great classics: salads, Iberian ham, prawns, clams... And, how could it be otherwise, the fresh fish is the main protagonist of the menu: rooster, roast, sea bass, sautéed lobster, caldereta and, of course, the best paellas and rice dishes. The desserts are also of another level. Try the most emblematic sweets in Ibiza's cuisine.

If you want, you can encourage the food by enjoying some of its wines. They have one wide choice coming from different regions, however, since you've gotten involved in Ibizan gastronomy, why not continue with the wines of the earth? You will discover that they have nothing to envy to some of the best known. And if what you want is to disconnect from everything, ask for an appetizing sangria de cava or one of their cocktails and take a seat in one of the colorful wooden armchairs that have one of the sides of the restaurant. The calm is assured.

In Ses Boques you also have the possibility of to celebrate any type of event. Get in touch with your kind owners, they will have no problem in assisting you and making the best suggestions.

If you get up there It's worth it to book table, especially in the months of July and August, since many already know the good work of ses Boques and they fill their tables day after day. Dutch, German, French, Italian ... all who have known this family establishment repeat and probably you will be no less.


If there is a dish that does not leave the kitchens of ses Boques is the lobster sautéed with garlic. With the same oil in which they have sautéed fry then some fried eggs with potatoes that serve with a little truffle on it all a success! If you're not a lobster, try the sea bass or the Ibiza prawn.

Kitchen hours

From mid-June to mid-September from 13 to 22 hours. The rest of the season until 20 hours.

How to get there

When you get to the town of es Cubells, San Jose, you will see the Church and a path next to it. Take it to the left and follow it until you reach the beach, where you will find some blue flags that will point you to Ses Boques.

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