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Begoñas 23 Street, Playa d'en Bossa, 07817 Sant Jordi, Ibiza

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From June of 12 from noon to 2 of the early morning
In the middle season from Monday to Friday from 16 to 1 hours. Weekends from 14 to 24 hours
Closed for vacations
From mid-October to the end of April

Sissi's, in Playa d'en Bossa, is a restaurant with history where you can taste dishes from different regions accompanied by fantastic shows in Ibiza

Actress Romy Schneider, protagonist of Sissi Empress, She owned the house where today we find the Sissi's restaurant in Ibiza. This fact gives a special charm to the local playa d'en Bossa, but there are still more.

Su large garden, full of vegetation, will surprise you as soon as you enter, as well as the huge grill that occupies the right part, from which some of its most succulent dishes come out.

To be in the heart of playa d'en Bossa there are many Tourists who, attracted by their beauty, go into Sissi's for lunch or dinner. However, it also has that local public who knows the most special places on the island.

If you are undecided with food, it may be difficult for you to choose between number of options offered by the letter, but do not think about it for a second and ask for advice to your attentive employees, know their menu to perfection and will not hesitate to recommend you the best.

If there is something that dominates in Sissi's are the grilled meats. The quality of parts cooking and how to do it (with charcoal) makes them one of their strengths. Only here you can taste exotic meats like zebra, kangaroo or bison, in addition to the most successful ones such as wagyu, kobe or black Angus. El Iberian ham cut at the moment or the oysters are other of the delicacies that they serve, as well as the famous sushi They have a special bar where an expert sushiman prepares it right away.

In your letter you will also find dishes from the Mexican cuisine, pizzas and burgers. Complete rations that will satisfy the most demanding public.

While you decide what to order, the large tables in your garden are perfect for sipping a glass of wine or a refresher cocktail. They have a selection of the most varied and, if you do not find the one you want, ask for it! its professional cocktail is open to all kinds of suggestions.

If you fancy some more intimacy you can eat in the living room or even Book it for your private events. They have interesting group menus from 35 euros.

Do you need a bonus? From June, from Thursday to Sunday, your dinner will be even more special. Sissi's stage is filled with amazing shows as cabaret shows, acrobatics, live music, singers, pianists ...

they have free parking and Wifi, although I'm sure this last one does not need you. The best thing about Sissi's is to take the time to disconnect and enjoy an evening of the most pleasant surrounded by surprises and irresistible dishes.


If you miss the meat try the ribeye of ripened cow 21 days with their garnish seasoned grilled vegetables Spectacular!

Kitchen hours

In Sissi's you can dine from 18 to 1 in the early morning in May and, from the 1 in June, from the 12 to the 2 in the early morning, uninterrupted! Perfect for those who do not understand schedules.

How to get there

Sissi's is in the heart of Playa d'en Bossa. You should cross the main avenue, where the bowling alley is located and, at the end of the street, turn left at the roundabout. It's the first restaurant you'll see on the right-hand side.


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      is already open from 13: 00 to 03: 00

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