Can Bernat Vinya

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Open all year long

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Calle Jardí 2, 07830 San José, Ibiza

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From morning to 7 23 hours
From morning to 7 22 hours
On Monday

Can Bernat Vinya has seen the town of San José grow for more than 100 years. A mythical restaurant in Ibiza where you can enjoy delicious tapas and enjoy the atmosphere of before

If there is a place that is part of the history of the town of San José, that's him Can Bernat Vinya restaurant. A local of the center of the municipality that has witnessed the exception of its evolution throughout more than 100 years.

Here you come to eat simple, to spend the hours throwing a game at the cards or, simply, contemplating the coming and going of residents and tourists from your terrace.

And it is in that nice terrace, surrounded by greenery and with wonderful views, where you can have breakfast at the king's body. Toast of all kinds, pastries, sandwiches, ensaimadas, flaó, Ibicencan magdalena, natural juices ... Here everything tastes better!

Your living room is also the most peculiar. Little has changed its decoration, with what in it You will feel as if you have stepped back in time. Take a seat while you review the most characteristic elements of the Ibizan bars of yesteryear and try one of their Star dishes: the omelette. They make it from potato, from spinach, with red pepper ... You can also order a tapa from Meatballs, a sandwich or one of their burgers. Chicken wings marinated with soy sauce They are delicious and, if you're lucky, maybe you can ask for their fried cuttlefish The cooks are changing some of their tapas to always surprise you with something new.

Spend a while in Can Bernat Vinya is a pleasure but, if you are in a hurry, you can order them to put your takeaway.

From here we recommend you take the opportunity to relax in a place as mythical as Can Bernat Vinya. A bar of those of the whole life in which the close and family treatment and an environment of those who catch you from the first visit.


The tortilla is their specialty, so do not hesitate to ask for a piece. Choose the one you choose, you'll like it!

Kitchen hours

From 7 in the morning to 23 in the summer and until the 22 in the winter.

How to get there

Head towards the town of San José and you will find it right away. It has no loss, since it faces the road. You will see it just before leaving the center of the municipality.


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