Captured Festival 2017

Captured Festival 2017 Gala Night 2017 Ibiza

The open-air trance festival Captured Festival is held on 10's 2017 Sunday in Benimussa Park Ibiza

Space In The Park

Space In The Park Gala Night 2017 Ibiza

Do not miss Space In The Park on Wednesday 16 August 2017, the second party for the 28 Anniversary Space Ibiza in Benimussa Park

Evolution Zoo

Zoo Evolution Gala Night 2017 Ibiza

This summer 2017 The Zoo Project party grows: keep your appointment on Saturdays and add another daytime party on Tuesdays at Benimussa Park Gala Night

Groovers In The Park

Groovers In The Park Gala Night 2017 Ibiza

Second of the three sessions of the party Groovers In The Park of the label Solid Grooves in Benimussa Park on Thursday 31 of August 2017

Game Over

Game Over Gala Night 2017 Ibiza

Game Over announces a party this summer 2017 in Benimussa Park Ibiza, Wednesdays of 19 from July to 20 of September of 2017