Taxis en Ibiza

Getting around by taxi in Ibiza is one of the most comfortable options. In summer, pirate taxis proliferate, an alternative not recommended

El taxi is one of the most recommended options for move in Ibiza, especially at night, when you go out to dinner or party, thus avoiding the risks involved in driving bibiza taxi_legalthe effects of alcohol.

Although it is true that it is not the most economical means of transport, it is one of the most comfortable, especially in a place like Ibiza, where Buses do not usually happen too often.

La FITIE is the Insular Taxi Federation of the Island of Eivissa. It was created by the union of three old associations of taxi drivers that operated on the island and is the only one that can offer a legal service and with full guarantee.

At the time of taking a taxi, you will find numerous taxi stops all over the island: airport, city center, main tourist areas, the most popular clubs and restaurants, etc.

Sometimes, especially in the middle of the season, you may run into large queues to get a taxi. That is when one of the biggest problems of the Transportation in Ibiza: the one of the illegal taxi drivers or, as they are often called, "pirates."

These, in addition to not offering No guarantee or security in the service, they usually double or triple the price of the trip. Our advice is to avoid them.

Next we leave you the phone numbers of taxis in Ibiza and several articles that can help you move around the island:

Telephones Taxis in Ibiza

Radiotaxi Ibiza +34 971 398 483
Radiotaxi San José +34 971 800 080
Radiotaxi San Antonio +34 971 343 764
Radiotaxi San Juan +34 971 333 333
Radiotaxi Santa Eulalia +34 971 333 033

If you need more information, from this link You can access the web page of the Insular Taxi Federation of the Island of Eivissa (FITIE).

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