Mercadillo de Sant Jordi

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Open all year long

Address / Location

Carrer Montnegre, 23, 07817 Sant Josep de sa Talaia, Illes Balears, Spain

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The market of Sant Jordi arrives every Saturday at the old Hippodrome of Ibiza where anyone can go to sell or buy second-hand goods

El Sant Jordi Street Market, San José, is one of Most authentic Ibiza and certainly one of the Favorites by residents Of the island, especially during the Months of winter, when it becomes a Authentic meeting point.

Cada Saturday morning, from the 8 to the 15 hours, You will find in this authentic Second hand rake Clothing, books, old magazines, films, CDs, vinyls, plants, all kinds of devices, furniture, antiques, household items, bedding, toys and a myriad of personal and second hand items.

In addition, in the Mercadillo de Sant Jordi you can also find precious Craft objects Such as wooden furniture, mirrors, jewelry, clothing or paintings by local artists.

Anyone who reserves their post the day before (although it is usually not easy since the stalls in the Mercadillo de Sant Jordi are much sought after) can go to mount his stop in this singular space, One of the most fun As far as environment is concerned since a large number of residents have taken it as a fixed point of meeting where to take a walk, find some bargain, take a appetizer or enjoy the Improvised musical sessions that there are given.

The market has free parking, Although it is advisable to arrive early as it is usually full and sometimes it is difficult to find a place. In any case, you can always park in the village of Sant Jordi, which is attached to the rake.

No doubt the Best time to find bargains is at the end of summer, When many seasonal workers leave the island and dispose of extra luggage before returning to their places of origin. For similar reasons, Before the start of the season You can also find interesting things, as many houses are emptied and conditioned facing the arrival of tourists.

The Mercadillo de Sant Jordi also has a Busy cafe Where you can take advantage of lunch for a affordable price One of its delicious sandwiches while you enjoy the drums and the various characters that populate the rake.

How to get there

Head towards the town of Sant Jordi. You will find it at the end of it, before leaving it in the direction of the airport. It is located inside the old Hipódromo.


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