Mercadillo de Santa Gertrudis

Address / Location

Carrer de la Vénda des Poble, 14, 07814 Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera, Illes Balears, Spain

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The Market of the town of Santa Gertrudis, Santa Eulalia, gathers once a week some of the most legendary artisans of the island of Ibiza

Santa Gertrudis, one of the liveliest towns of the island of Ibiza, could not be less and also has its own flea market. On this occasion, the Saturday nights, from 20.00 to 23.00 hours (although they usually stretch it until midnight). So, those who have decided to spend the day on the beaches around and down to Santa Gertrudis directly to dinner will find this small attraction that never hurts.

Located a little further down from the church square of the locality (being such a small place has no loss), you will find the posts placed with great care. In them you will find all sorts of craft articles, not just typical of the island, but arrived from different parts of the world, like their craftsmen, who have traveled most of the globe to learn new techniques and use different materials. All of them will gladly assist you and explain their work to you with a special delicacy. some have been established on the island since the 60 and 70 years and that is something that can be seen at first sight.

Between the posts you will find also local products worked by expert hands, in case you need to take some souvenir of your trip for yourself or for a special gift. And there is room for young designers who want to try in this world so hard and at the same time so grateful.

Jewelery, leather, textiles... sure the offer they offer will not disappoint. And what you can not find here, you will find it in the little shops around you, that taking advantage of the environment of the area, stay open until late night.

And, by the way, do not worry about the kids. Being a large pedestrianized area you will run safely there while you enjoy the treasures that the market of Santa Gertrudis offers you.


It may turn out a bit complicated parking your vehicle in the village since, as you know, it is full of people who come to enjoy their terraces and day and night life. Arm yourself with patience, it will be worth it!


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