Mercadillo de Benirràs

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Carrer Benirràs A, 1B, 07810 Sant Joan de Labritja, Illes Balears, Spain

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In the market of Benirràs you will find beautiful crafts on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays. You will find it on the same beach in San Juan

El market of Benirràs, in San Juan, It is a beautiful Hippie market that mounts the summer months. It is located in the famous cala de Benirràs, to the north of the island, one of the most beautiful in Ibiza, much appreciated by the hippie community who performs on her popular party of drums, a whole show.

The market of Benirràs can be visited Tuesday, Friday and Sunday from May until the end of September during all day and also when the night. It opens approximately from 12 up to 24 hours, although it depends on the weather and the desire of the shopkeepers. On Tuesdays, on the occasion of the Flower Power party, the atmosphere of the market is even more fun.

In it you can find precious handicrafts brought from all over the world and some made by Ibiza craftsmen: clothing, carpets, sarongs, imitation jewelery, handbags, swimsuits, leather handicrafts... If you see something that you like, do not wait to buy it because, although it is not usual, the positions may vary from one week to the next.

Is located next to the parking of the creek, walk to beach. Its colorful and well-kept stalls are placed on the sand and are surrounded by green pins. At the Benirràs market you will find a hippie and nice atmosphere where to browse or do your shopping in swimsuit, surrounded by the more exuberant nature and good vibrations.

It's a great plan for make the most of a day at the beach. If you visit it in the afternoon you can complete this magnificent plan contemplating one of the most beautiful sunsets in Ibiza on the islet popularly known as'The Finger of God '. Also, if you go a Sunday you will meet the famous hippie party of drums. An authentic must.

Of course, remember that this summer 2017 Sundays you can not park in Benirràs anymore. You have to leave the car a little earlier, in the Parking of Sa Plana, to 6 km, and approach with one of the Bus which connect the beach all day. An initiative that although a priori complicates the plan a little more, it is worth it, because other seasons it was literally impossible to find parking there. Simply keep it in mind and leave with some more time. And to enjoy!


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