Monday, 22 January 2018

Las Dalias

How to get there

The legendary Hippie market of the Dalias, in the town of San Carlos, is a must for those who want to know the true spirit of Ibiza

Every Saturday of the year, from 10 in the morning until 8 in the afternoon, the Flea Market opens its doors. Opened as a bar in 1954 inSaint Charles, Santa Eulalia, By the farmer and carpenter Joan Marí, The already legendary flea market Las DaliasWhich as such was born in1985, Soon became a special place. Has beenWitness of the evolution of the island, Its tourism and its people in the decades of 60, 70 and 80. They were years of great changes and social transformations that have been reflected in a place that knew how to adapt to these constant changes and that 2014 fulfilled its 60 anniversary.

Getting a place to sell in Las Dalias is something that any Ibiza craftsman dreams of. In the market you can findClothing, jewelry, musical instruments, records, decoration, accessories, painting, books, hammocks, handmade shoes, incense or antiques. A lot of precious Products made in Ibiza or brought from far corners Like India or Bali.

Las Dalias also has a Restaurant fusion cuisine Around the world, a Tapas bar, several Beverage bars, an Bar of natural and granite juices, Another with Homemade pizzasA beautiful Jaime berber Where to taste teas and sweets and the Soul Bar, Where in the afternoon the Djs of the flea market.

Las Dalias is probably the Most famous street market in Ibiza, a place emblematic In addition to hosting a multitude of stalls of the most varied crafts, is a reference in terms of the organization of Concerts and leisure events of all kinds, cultural, artistic, family, parties

Today and under the leadership of Joan Marí Filho, Las Dalias hasRegular events As popular as namaste, Known party with hippie spirit every Wednesday, Waxda Jam, A journey to the roots of dance music, The Vacilón Tropical, Dedicated to cumbia and latin rhythms, the new and originalBanana boogaloo Tuesdays…

Las Dalias also organizes Concerts Really incredible. Through their stages, artists such as Manu Chao, Kiko Veneno, Muchachito Bombo Infierno, Amparanoia, Morodo

The Monday and Tuesday of the summer (from June to September) and the Sundays of August, from 19 to 1 hours Exp. Las Dalias Night Market, A great way to go shopping without going hot. In addition to a hundred seats, the Night Market has a Art Corner, a Children's area with ecological merry-go-round and handicraft workshops. At each event there are invited music groups offering Concerts, Usually ethnic and fusion type.

You can relax with a massage, Let them read your future in the cards, contemplate a Art exhibition... Las Dalias offers you endless possibilities. It is a place of enjoyment without equal.


Saturdays from the 4 from November of 2017 to the 31 of 2018 March, from 10 to 18h.


From December 15 2017 to 5 January 2018, Monday through Friday from 17 to 21h, Saturdays from 10 to 21h and Sundays from 15h to 21h. He 25 in December and 1 in January closed.


Dates according to the 2018 Easter calendar. Thursday to Sunday from 10 to 19h.

How to get there

You must go to the municipality of Santa Eulalia, you only have to follow the indications. Once you enter it, by the bridge, you must go straight, until you find a roundabout that you must take direction San Carlos. Continue straight ahead, as if you were heading towards the village and, before arriving, you will see the flea market, on the left bank of the road.

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