Es Canar

Es Canar, in Santa Eulalia, is one of the tourist areas of Ibiza most valued by families. It is famous for hosting the hippie market of Punta Arabí

A few kilometers from the municipality of Santa Eulalia we find the area of ​​Es Canar, one of the most important tourist centers of the island of Ibiza.

Mainly oriented to family tourism, it has a wide commercial offer, a multitude of bars, restaurants, shops, supermarkets and hotels, among many other services.

Upon arrival you will see a long walk with the beach as a protagonist, one of the best for the smallest by the amount of services it offers and how safe it is. One of the margins of the beach is still used as a tiny port for small boats, so you can see the fishermen fishing in the area.

A fantastic option to get to Es Canar is by boat. From the port of Santa Eulalia daily and regularly ferries leave you in the same sand. A perfect claim, especially if you are traveling with children.

But if there is something for which this area is known it is for the Hippie market of Punta Arabí. This hippy market, the largest and oldest in Ibiza, attracts hundreds of tourists every Wednesday who walk through its approximately 500 craft stalls. Make a memory of your visit to Ibiza in one of their stops is a great idea. If you decide to visit it, we advise you to arm yourself with patience since the crowds are usually common in the market. Do not expect an alley with a few tables. It's big, a lot, and getting lost in its corners is easy. Of course, if you get tired you can always sit in a bar and have a drink.

If you travel with your family, Es Canar is a good place to stay and spend a most entertaining holiday.

How to get there

You will have to go to the municipality of Santa Eulalia and, once you pass it, you will find a roundabout that tells you where you should go. It has no loss.

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