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San Lorenzo
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Sant Llorenç de Balàfia, Spain

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San Lorenzo, in San Juan, preserves the magic of the less exploited Ibiza. Visit its Church, the village of Balàfia and eat in one of its famous restaurants

Sant Llorenç de Balàfia or San Lorenzo in Spanish it is a small town Of the municipality of San Juan. This beautiful enclave, located at northeastern Ibiza, still retains the appeal of the interior areas of the island, as well as a sample of the typical Ibizan architecture of the most representative. As soon as you arrive at this place, you will understand that it is part of that 'other Ibiza' that is so much talked about, that of traditions and tranquility, that of Excessive charm.

In the center you will find only your beautiful church, which was built in 1785 following the lines of the other typical parishes of the island, some other establishment, the public college and the Can Pere Musson estate, an outdoor picnic very popular with residents who organize their traditional 'toast' (barbecues).

Another aspect to take into account of San Lorenzo for its great architectural value is the old town of Balàfia, a few meters from the center. This formed by five houses payesas and two towers of defense used to protect themselves from attacks of the Turkish pirates.

In addition to this, in the vicinity we can contemplate the 'Font de Balàfia' (Balafia source) declared A Cultural (BIC) or visit the Amunts Interpretation Center (next to the IES Balàfia car park), where you can learn about the flora, fauna and culture of this area.

Around San Lorenzo you can enjoy a good number of restaurants specialized in comida ibicenca. You probably have some of the best and best known both residents and tourists who repeat their tables year after year.

Sant Llorenç celebrates its festivities on 10 in August. Do not overlook them, they usually have a program of acts of the most animated.

How to get there

Take the road that goes from Ibiza to Santa Eulalia and, before arriving at this last municipality, you will find the detour that leads you to the town. Continue straight on that road until you see the indication to San Lorenzo, on the left.

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