Monday, 22 January 2018

Places of interest

Ses Salines Natural Park

3.000 hectares of land and 13.000 marinas make up the Ses Salines Natural Park, in San José, Ibiza. A place full of history and beauty in equal parts

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Plaza del Parque Ibiza


The Plaza del Parque de Ibiza is, with its bars, restaurants and lively terraces, a meeting point for tourists and residents throughout the year

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Monument of cove Llentia

The Calente Llentia monument in San José consists of thirteen columns of basalt designed by the artist Andrew Rogers and supported by Guy Laliberté, creator of the Circo del Sol and confessed admirer of Ibiza

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Puig de Missa, Santa Eulalia

Puig de Missa Church of Santa Eulalia Ibiza 02

The Church of the Puig de Missa is situated on the top of a hill. A tiny urban center that will surprise you with its beauty and its views of the whole of Santa Eulalia

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Botafoc Lighthouse

Botafoc ibiza lighthouse 02

In 1861 the Botafoc lighthouse was inaugurated, at the end of the promenade of Ibiza. A beautiful white tower with beautiful views of the harbor and Dalt Vila

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Ciudad amurallada de Dalt Vila

Dalt Vila03

The walled city of Dalt Vila is one of the most important architectural elements of the island. Its good state of conservation contributed to the UNESCO's nomination of World Heritage

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Puerto de Ibiza


The port of Ibiza is a must on your trip. In it you can eat, shop, drink and get discounted tickets for discos

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