Asentamiento Púnico Romano de ses Païsses

The Roman Punic Settlement of ses Païsses, in San José, dates from the middle of the fifth century BC. C. and is composed of two buildings and two necropolis

The Punic Roman settlement of ses Païsses, in the municipality of San José, is a monumental group formed by ruins of a rural settlement of the Punic and Roman eras founded in the middle of the V century BC and excavated between the years 1917 and 1982-1985.

It is composed of two buildings and two necropolises, one Punic and the other Byzantine. In addition, very close we find the farm of Can Sorà. The rehabilitated country house that is located there serves as an extension of the Ethnographic Museum of Ibiza.

From the upper part of the complex you can see two graves from the Byzantine period dominated by a spectacular landscape with the islet of Es Vedra in front.

The remains of an oil mill, a cistern to extract water with more than four meters of depth, a warehouse, warehouses and houses distributed around a large patio remain in the Paúnsic Punic Settlement. Around it we will find fields of almond, carob and fig trees.

A short distance away is also the Can Sorà estate, chaired by a rehabilitated country house that functions as an extension of the Ethnography Museum of Ibiza.


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