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Torre del Pirata San Jose Ibiza
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Sant Josep de sa Talaia, Spain

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The town of San José is one of the most admired of all Ibiza by tourists and residents. Nature, history and fun in the same municipality

Today we woke up wanting to visit the Municipality of San José, probably one of the most beautiful in Ibiza. Their beaches dazzle anyone who treads them for the first time and their natural wealth is indisputable.

If there is a place that you can not ignore in this area, it is the Ses Salines Natural Park. Whatever the age, it always offers something worth visiting. From August to October you can stroll through the park and contemplate how the flamencos make a stopover here before embarking on the flight again. In summer Saltworks is one of the busiest beaches on the island. Celebrities, tourists and residents are concentrated in it to take a bath in its calm waters. Following this extends It's Cavallet, a beach known for its gay atmosphere and for being one of the few nudists in Ibiza.

A little history

Once you leave the park, get closer to the beach It's Bol Nou, better known as sa Caleta, it's a great option. What distinguishes this cove from most is the fact that it is surrounded by high reddish cliffs. It is one of the favorites for families and here you can give yourself a famous mud bath.
A plus! If you cherish the story offers you a magnificent opportunity to know the Ibiza. Here you can see the remains of the populated place of Caleta, of century VII aC, that was named Heritage.

Torre del Pirata San Jose Ibiza The Tower des Savinar is popularly known as the Tower of the Pirate

The coast of San José is also characterized by different defensive towers which were once used to monitor the entrance to the island. Specifically in Salinas you can visit the Torre des Carregador, the Sal Rossa in Playa d'en Bossa or the d'en Rovira in Cala Conta. But if there is one famous throughout Ibiza is the Tower of Savinar, popularly known as the Pirate. To get to it you will not walk a path of roses, but we assure you that it is worth a try. The views from this location will leave you speechless. At 2013 was elected 'The best corner of the Balearic Islands' by the Repsol Guide There is nothing!

It's Cubells and San Jose

Continuing our getaway to San Jose, a good option would be to visit the village of It's Cubells. Taking a walk around the center will not take you more than five minutes, since it is extremely small, but getting closer to its cliffs to contemplate the coast is a joy. They say that their church is one of the most beautiful in the place. You can pause and take something in front of her, a pretty picture.

If you do not want to deviate from your path, continue to San José. There you will be surprised by your imposing church and its charm will dazzle you immediately. Visit your little shops and eat something in one of their restaurants, you will need it if you want to face our next proposal: visit sa Pedrera (Atlantis).

Atlantis Ibiza Going down Sa Pedrera requires some physical fitness as well as some good shoes

From this area the stones were extracted with which the wall of Ibiza was constructed. Access to the coast is not suitable for those who are accustomed not to move from the sofa. You must go down a mountainous path, sandy and quite steep until you can swim in its crystal clear waters. Once down you will witness the majesty of its cliffs, carved by man and eroded by the sea. Remember to wear comfortable shoes, patience, some food and liters and liters of water.

Beaches and sunsets

If you do not see yourself in top form to go down to Sa Pedrera, continue towards cala d'Hort, one of the most photographed pictures of Ibiza. There you will meet the famous Islets of Es Vedra and it's Vedranell. A magical place full of legends of all kinds in which the sunsets are authentic gifts of nature. One of the best things you can do here is to eat a good paella or a tasty bullit of peix ibicenco. It is typical to do so in the El Carmen Restaurant with It's Boldadó or Restaurant Cala d'Hort. The three have views that will captivate you.

El Carmen cala d hort ibiza Ibizan gastronomy always tastes better with views like the El Carmen Restaurant

And speaking of sunsets, San Jose is one of the municipalities in which you will see the most beautiful of the island. Go for it cala account and understand why they are called “fairytale beaches”. You may have never seen the sea with such an intense blue before. In this beautiful corner you can also see how the sun sets, in fact it is something that we strongly recommend. In addition, in one of its coves you will find in summer the picturesque ecological beach bar Cala Escondida, one of the busiest to enjoy a beautiful sunset.

The beaches of San José are perfect for water sports. The kayak or paddle surf They are, from our point of view, two of the best you can practice. Thanks to them, you will be able to discover corners of the inaccessible Ibicencan coast on foot.

If you prefer the trekking, it is best that you rise to the top of Sa Talaia. It is not too complicated and the panoramic that will be extended before your eyes will be an image that you will not forget. If you do it in the afternoon you will witness an impressive sunset.

To put the finishing touch to a day, perhaps, somewhat exhausting, you can end up in the tiny village of San Agustín. Dining in one of its cozy restaurants will make you recharge your batteries to continue exploring a municipality that has a thousand plans to offer you. Do not lose sight of Can Berri or, for the most romantic, Can Berri Vell.


If you have not yet tired and intend to continue with the night, San José has some of the most famous clubs in all of Ibiza and, why not say it, of much of the world.

Most of them are located in the zone of beach d'en Bossa, place that you can take advantage of for dine by the sea before going on the dance floor. This is something you can do in restaurants of the size of Nassau Beach Club Ibiza o Tanit Beach Ibiza. Both will surprise you with their exquisite Mediterranean, healthy or Japanese dishes and their exotic cocktails.

After a dinner of ten, it's time for you to meet Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel or the disco Hi Ibiza, Mecca of fun on the island.

In addition, before reaching Salinas, DC10 and, if you want to do a two in one and spend the day and the night on the beach, in cala Jondal you will find Blue Marlin.

A few kilometers from San José, on the same road that leads you to the town, you will see Cova Santa in one of its detours. The list of clubs is endless and there are for all tastes.


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