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Santa Eulària des Riu, Spain

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Santa Eulalia is one of the areas most valued by family tourism. Dream beaches, hippie markets and the essence of Ibiza at its best

If the residents of Ibiza coincide in something, it is in Santa Eulalia It is one of the most tranquil and better care of the island. A town that retains many of the traditions of yesteryear, which values ​​its culture, its resources and its people and where to feel at ease is extremely simple.

One of the most surprising aspects of Santa Eulalia is that it is the only island in Spain that has a river. Today, its volume is scarce and its extension is not huge either, however it is a great option to cross it for the walk from start to finish.

It's Puig de Missa presides the city from the heights. It is the most important church of the municipality, an architectural complex that is worth visiting for its great beauty. Located on a hill, the panoramic view of Santa Eulalia is wonderful.

Its environs hide secrets like the Barrau Museum or the Ethnographic Museum, located in a nice renovated country house.

Puig de Missa Ibiza

If you just Semana Santa Do not miss the procession in this place. They make a surprising representation of this religious event.

You have already seen two of the most important points of the town! It's time for you to meet the promenade. If you access it from the paseo de s'Alamera, right in the center, you can even take a swim on the beach. You will be amazed how many bars and restaurants which extend along this zone. If the hunger has entered you, it is a good place to satiate, as well as the famous 'street of the restaurants' (carrer de Sant Vicent), a few streets higher.

Hippie markets in Santa Eulalia

Santa Eulalia gathers the two most famous hippies markets in Ibiza: Punta Arabi y Las Dalias.

The first one you will find in the tourist center of es Canar. It is celebrated every Wednesday, from April to October, and is one of the most extensive on the island. In it you can make yourself with any souvenir you can imagine.

The world-famous Las Dalias has been celebrating nothing more and nothing less than since 1954. It is without a doubt the most celebrated of Ibiza, one of those obligatory visits in your trip. Jewelery, clothing, art ... In Las Dalias you will find anything you are looking for. In addition, it is also known for its large agenda of events. Their festivals and live concerts attract hundreds of people each summer.

Las Dalias Ibiza

Residents can also enjoy in winter Llenya cove market, on this beach. Posts with second hand items and an 100% authentic and fun environment.

Beaches in Santa Eulalia

It's bath time! Wild, urban, family ... Santa Eulalia has beaches and coves of all kinds. Aigües Blanques is one of the best known. Limited by cliffs and with incredible views, take a dip here, daub yourself in natural mud or have a drink at the beach bar is almost a must.

Cala Boix It is the only black sand beach in Ibiza, Cala nova It stands out for its crystal clear waters and Firewood Creek For being perfect for families.

Cala Nova

If it gives you to approach until cala mastella You will come across a quiet cove with a tiny fishing port. If you like fish you should stop at the only restaurant you will see there. 100% Ibiza.

Villages in Santa Eulalia

If they know anything in the villages it is good to eat and in Santa Eulalia they are not far behind. After your visit to Las Dalias you can get up to Saint Charles to taste the drink par excellence of the island: the herbs Ibicencas. A few morsels and a glass of herbs in Ca n'Anneta is one of the most widespread habits among residents. Before arriving at the market you will also see the mythical restaurant Ca's Pagès. Eating here is a typical Ibizan custom that you must carry out if you want to know first hand the gastronomy of Ibiza.

Another key area when enjoying a good dinner or an intense day of shopping is Santa Gertrudis. A small village that gives off a unique charm. Go through the Bar Coast it is essential. Always crowded with people, do not expect to eat according to what delicacies. Here you come to try their rich sandwiches and their sausage slabs.

Children and sports activities

Santa Eulalia is one of the favorite areas for family tourism. Es Canar o Cala llonga they are the tourist nuclei that concentrate more local and activities oriented to the smallest ones. In the village of the river you will enjoy fairs, a circuit of kars, cinema or a park of tirolinas And hanging bridges that you will love.

Diving Ibiza

For the elderly there are several cycle routes tourists and hiking. In addition, on their beaches watersports are the order of the day. Velomares, paddle surf, jet skis, scuba diving ... You will have no problem when it comes to practicing your favorite hobbie. Likewise, Cala Llonga has the único golf Club professional of the island.

Leisure and relaxation

In Santa Eulalia there are a large number of agrotourisms in which you can lose yourself and disconnect from the day to day. Atzaró Ibiza o Can Curreu Are just some of the ones that you should visit if you want to fully contemplate the beauty of the most natural Ibiza. By the way, both have a fantastic spa.

When it comes to going out, forget the crowded nightclubs. Having a drink on the Paseo Marítimo, facing the sea, is a good idea. So is doing it on the roof of hotels like ME Ibiza, in the chameleon flea market of Las Dalias or in beach restaurants as Atzaró Beach o Chirincana.

Boredom in this locality has no place. Families, young and not so young find in Santa Eulalia everything they expect from a dream vacation.

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