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Annual Events and Festivals

Ibiza Medieval

In May, Dalt Vila returns to the Middle Ages thanks to Medieval Ibiza, a fair that floods the narrow streets of the walled city with color and magic

Festival Dreams of Freedom Ibiza (SDL)

Sueños de Libertad is the perfect combination between Indie, Rock, Pop, art, gastronomy and a heartrending force that attracts thousands of festivaleros to Ibiza

Adlib catwalk

The Adilb Footbridge is already one of the most popular summer events in Ibiza. On the road to reaching the five decades, each edition attracts thousands of curious and famous eager to know the latest trends and designers Adlib

Eivissa Jazz

The Eivissa Jazz Festival has been reaping successes since 1989. With time it has been consecrated as one of the most important musical events in Ibiza

Spring Festival of Atzaró Ibiza

The Spring Festival of Atzaró Ibiza has become one of the most popular events on the island. It is celebrated annually and is characterized by its good atmosphere and the multitude of activities for children and adults that organize

Festivales en Ibiza

Ibiza is a luxurious setting for the celebration of all kinds of festivals. It has some more that known as the prestigious Eivissa Jazz

Ibiza Spirit Festival

Ibiza Spirit Festival is held every year at the Agroturismo Atzaró at the end of summer, an inspiring meeting with workshops, talks, healthy activities ...

Healing Ibiza

Every year before the start of the season, the Healing Ibiza is held in Atzaró, an inspiring day full of activities for the health of mind, soul and body