Visita el Aquarium de Cap Blanc en San Antonio Ibiza

If you still do not know the Cap Blanc Aquarium in San Antonio, Ibiza, remember that year-round admission is FREE for residents

El Aquarium of Cap Blanc of San Antonio, Ibiza, is within a Natural cave of 370 m2, with different water inlets so that they are renewed and clean. Is a small aquarium of 300m2 that is divided into two parts, and that also contains six tanks distributed by the cave in different places. As an aquarium it is quite modest, but with the explanations of the friendly guides, it is a visit that you will surely enjoy!

Besides seeing live animals, turtles and fish, in the aquarium, you can see a collection of samples that includes sea ​​sponges, gastropods, shark eggs and other types of marine invertebrates.

The Cap Blanc aquarium is known among Ibiza people as "Sa cova de ses llagostes", because in the past it was a lobster farm that exported to Barcelona and other cities, it was at 1989 when it became what it is today, an aquarium cave that has been remodeling over the years and where you can see the main species that inhabit the Mediterranean Sea Ibicenco

Nowadays the aquarium is also used by the Center for Marine Species Recovery (CREM), so you may encounter some animal they are recovering, usually sea turtles.

The Residents You can come in FOR FREE to the Aquarium throughout the year. The entrance price for tourists is 5 euros, Y de 3 euros For children between 4 and 12 years.

En winter, from the 1 from November to (usually) the 1 from May only opens the Saturday mornings, from 10 to 14 hours. In Summer, from the 1 in May to the 31 in October, opens every day, with uninterrupted schedule from 10 hours to sunset. You can also request a group visit after normal hours, contacting

During the summer months the sardines They organize themselves for dinner at the Cap Blanc Aquarium, enjoying a tasty dinner in a beautiful setting. Sardines are usually the Thursday (only during July and August), Fridays and Saturdays. The dinner consists of a grilled sardines and payesa salads, usually with the drink and the dessert aside, but include the entrance to the Aquarium, so it can be an original option to visit this beautiful space. Is convenient to reserve the table, especially in the high season months.

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