Ibiza desde el aire

Discovering Ibiza from the air is a different and highly recommended experience. By plane or balloon, if you are not afraid of heights, dare!

There are several options to enjoy the aerial views of the Pitiusas Islands, without barriers that make it impossible for us to have extraordinary visibility. Ibiza from the air is even more beautiful if it fits, just like its neighbor Formentera.

Either in a balloon or in a plane there are different companies that offer flights to discover Ibiza from above. Surely you find an option that suits your preferences and your pocket.

The green and reddish colors of the field Ibicenco and the turquoise of the sea contrast with those of the urban areas, that you will fly over in the blink of an eye. Imagine contemplate a beautiful sunrise from the air, go through the beautiful Puig de Missa of Santa Eulalia or enjoy from the air the charm of the town of Santa Gertrudis.

Do not forget the camera, we assure you that the panoramic that will be extended before you will be worthy of portraying.

Traveling by balloon in Ibiza

Un Balloon trip in Ibiza It can easily become one of the best experiences of your life. Its ascent, smooth and progressive, makes it seems that it is the landscape that moves under your feet and not us. The more you ascend, the greater the field of vision and the wider the image you will have.

Ibiza in a balloon
You can share the balloon trip with up to five people. Photo: Ibiza in Balloon.

The excursion usually takes place early in the morning, when the weather is more favorable. They can upload a balloon minimum of two people and a maximum of six y It is not recommended for children under six years of age or pregnant.

The walk has a Approximate duration of three hours and includes the following: insurance, free flight between 35 and 45 minutes (the small dimensions of Ibiza make you see it in a short time), breakfast, «Baptism of the Air» and delivery of the certificate. The price ranges between a few 150 euros, depending on the age or the conditions of the trip.

In Internet you can find various companies that give you the opportunity to see Ibiza in a balloon as for example, Ibiza in Globe or Living Essence.

Rent light aircraft in Ibiza

If the balloons do not finish convincing you or, directly, you are more of airplanes, you will also find businesses that take care of rent light aircraft in Ibiza. On the internet there are a few, you just have to contact them and check their prices and conditions.

The excursions by plane are much Faster and, of course, they offer different possibilities, such as leave at any time.

Ibiza in a balloon
Aerial view of the city of Ibiza. Photo: Ibiza in Balloon.

You climb alone or accompanied by whoever you most want. You also have the possibility of hire the plane with your pilot o, if you can drive, to rent the device and handle it yourself.

Because of its price, maybe it is not an activity that you can perform frequently, but the truth is that it would not hurt to do it at least once in a lifetime. You will enjoy a panoramic view of the island that you will hardly get otherwise.

If you are not afraid of heights and are looking for a different plan, dare to fly. You will get to know Ibiza from a bird's eye view!

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