Ciclismo en Ibiza

Cycling in Ibiza is wonderful. Only on your bike you can discover certain inaccessible corners on foot or by car that will fascinate you

The attraction that the Pitiusas have for the practice of cycling is unquestionable. Vast valleys, country houses, churches, wells, defense towers ... the interior of Ibiza is full of corners of a authentic and traditional beauty.

Anyone who wants to can enter the world of the pedal and travel the more than 700 kilometers of cycle routes that Ibiza has Itineraries that run through roads and roads with little traffic and designed in a circular to facilitate the return of the cyclist to the starting point. They are also marked and marked with colors, according to its degree of difficulty.

Addition routes drawn by the Consell de Ibiza, some 23, each one is free to explore new areas, either alone or in a group. You only have to take into account your experience and physical form to determine the level of difficulty of your route.

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Participants of the Vuelta a Ibiza in BTN of 2017. Photo: IbizaBTT

It should be noted that more and more people are joining this fun and ecological mode. In fact, throughout the year they are celebrated both in Ibiza and in Formentera. cyclists' tests. Among the most popular 'Vuelta a Ibiza en BTT' or 'Vuelta cicloturista a Ibiza'. Both manage to attract a public both resident and foreigner who enjoys touring every corner of the island and competing for a first place.

If you still do not have a bike, we recommend that you visit our guide Bicycle shops in Ibiza. You can get one or, if you only need it for a few days of vacation, rent it.


These are just some of the bike routes that you can take in Ibiza on BTT, divided by level of difficulty (Ibiza's Consell source):


-CAMÍ VELL DE SAN RAFAEL. Discover the most beautiful corners of the town of San Rafael.
Distance 11 kilometers.
Time: 47 minutes.
See map of the route

-PORT DES TORRENT. It runs through the bay of San Antonio and ends at Cala Conta.
Distance 12,7 kilometers.
Time: 54 minutes.


-SANTA GERTRUDIS. One of the most beautiful villages of Santa Eulalia. You can enjoy the birth of water from Es Broll de Buscastell.
Distance 30 kilometers.
Time: 2 hours 8 minutes.
See map

-SA CAPELLETA. It runs along the path of Benimussa and ends at the hermitage of sa Capelleta.
Distance 18,7 kilometers.
Time: 1 hours 20 minutes.
See map

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The es Vedrà route is one of the most beautiful. Photo: IbizaBTT.

-ES CAMP VELL: Discover part of the San Antonio coast and the Sant Mateu valley.
Distance 35,5 kilometers.
Time: 2 hours 32 minutes.
See map

-CALA JONDAL: Tour the interior of San José and some of its beaches.
Distance 32,3 kilometers.
Time: 2 hours 19 minutes.

-CALAS DE SAN JOSÉ. Cala codolar, Cala Conta, Cala Bassa ... the perfect itinerary for lovers of the sea.
Distance 22 kilometers.
Time: 1 hour 34 minutes.
See map of the route

-SA TALAIA. Explore the highest mountain in Ibiza and enjoy the views of the entire coast.
Distance 38,5 kilometers.
Time: 2 hours 45 minutes.


-VALLE DE MORNA. Natural landscapes little exploited. The true natural essence of Ibiza.
Distance 38 kilometers.
Time: 2 hours 42 minutes
Map of the route


There are hundreds of cyclist routes to carry out by road in Ibiza. These are just some, ordered by difficulty (source Consell de Ibiza):


-THE CANAR. Explore this tourist area of ​​Santa Eulalia combining rural environment and urban core.
Distance 31 kilometers.
Time: 2 hours 13 minutes.

-ES PORQUET. It goes through the interior of San Antonio. It is known by the popular 'Cursa des porquet' that takes place every year.
Distance 14 kilometers.
Time: 1 hour.

Can Manolo Bikes Ibiza00


-ES VEDRÀ. One of the most magical spots in Ibiza. You will pass both by coves and by urban core.
Distance 59,8 kilometers.
Time: 4 hours 16 minutes.

-US POBLES. San Miguel, Santa Getrudis, San Mateo, San Antonio, Corona ... the towns of Ibiza have a special charm that you will discover on your bike.
Distance 67,5 kilometers.
Time: 4 hours 49 minutes.
See map

-ES PLANS. If you do it during the months of January to February you can see the beautiful almond blossoms of Corona.
Distance 45,6 kilometers.
Time: 3 hours 15 minutes
Map of the route


-ES AMUNTS. Only suitable for experts. Visit the most beautiful villages in the north of the island.
Distance 93,6 kilometers.
Time: 6 hours 41 minutes.

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