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Diving in Ibiza is a luxury. Its famous meadows of posidonia are unique, as well as the brightness of its waters, its temperature and the varied fauna that they harbor

Far from areas of pollution and coastal exploitation, we find the Pitiusas Islands, a paradise for diving enthusiasts.

Their Crystalline waters and more than 200 kilometers cost line they make Ibiza and Formentera a unique place for the practice of this sport. Both islands are full of islets, low depths, caves, rock clusters or spectacular walls.

Su fauna is very varied and it is composed of species such as barracudas, groupers, bream, salps, brótolas, morenas or congrios. The crawfish, lobsters, octopus, cuttlefish, croakers and nudibranchs, among others, also inhabit the waters of Ibiza.

As for the type of bottom, predominantly rocky, it has abundant meadows of Posidonia, coralline and sponges.

Diving in Ibiza diving Ibiza 00
The waters of Ibiza and Formentera are some of the clearest in the Mediterranean. Photos: Punta Dive Ibiza.

As islands off the peninsular coast, the visibility is exceptional, with an average of 30 meters and a Maximum of 40. The spectacular seagrass meadows that stretch along the coast also contribute to this fact. Thanks to them, the water is one of the clearest in the whole Mediterranean. In fact, the tonality of the sea in Formentera has made it known as the Caribbean of the Mediterranean.

Its subtropical climate makes the water temperature always oscillate between 17 ° C en winter and 27 ° C en summer, Which makes it possible to dive in Ibiza all year round.


There are plenty of diving routes in Ibiza but, as mentioned, all would be too much, we want to share with you some of the most recommended. Take note!

This is how the fish farm that was built between Ibiza and Formentera is known. His abandonment and several storms caused the platform to sink into 1997.

Medium-high level
GPS: 38º 47-378 N / 001º 28.349 E
FAUNA: Barracudas, brunettes, groupers ...
DEPTH: Maximum -33 meters. Minimum -11
It is advisable to bring a torch

I could not miss the visit to this ship that sank in 2007 after colliding against the small island of Dau petit, very close to the port of Ibiza. 140 meters of length and almost 20 of beam that have been transformed into an attractive underwater ecosystem.

High level
GPS: 38º 53.080 N / 001º 27.169 E
DEPTH: Maximum -45 meters. Minimum -23
Lantern is advised

Diving in Ibiza Don Pedro
The Don Pedro is the largest ship in Europe where you can dive.

A beautiful crypt carved in rock naturally at the foot of the beautiful lighthouse of Es Moscarter.

High level
GPS: 39º 07.336 N / 31.989 E
FAUNA: Anemones, starfish, lobsters ...
DEPTH: Maximum -50 meters
It is convenient to carry a flashlight

An underwater mountain whose point protrudes from the sea with only the slightest swell. In this environment you should be careful with the currents.

LEVEL: Low-medium
GPS: 38º 52.777 N / 001º 10.760 E
FAUNA: Tuna, prawns, lobsters or brunettes
DEPTH: Maximum -50 meters

Diving Ibiza is vedra
Sa Bota area on the islet of Es Vedrà.

Two small islets in front of the cliffs of the Puertas del Cielo, in Santa Inés. Holes and galleries between which the light sneaks creating beautiful lighting effects.

Medium level
GPS: 39º 02.960 N / 001º 18.890 E
FAUNA: Anemones, barracudas ...
DEPTH: Maximum -40 meters
Compass and flashlight are advised.

The north of the islet of Tagomago hides in its bottom two large anchors that, over the years, have been covered with sponges.

LEVEL: Can be either low, medium or high
GPS 39º 02.500 N / 001º 38.283 E
DEPTH: Maximum -39 meters
It is convenient to carry a compass


Both in Ibiza and in Formentera we can find numerous schools offering courses for starters and to experienced divers. Also, if you have decided that you want to dedicate yourself to it, you can do the courses Preparatory to becoming Professional instructor. Here we leave you some of the diving schools in Ibiza More popular. Click on the name for more information:

Founded in 1994, it is located in cala Tarida, San José. The main stage of your dives is the Es Vedrà nature reserve, it is Vedranell and the islets of Poniente. OrcaSub is a PADI FIVE STARS DIVE CENTER, which guarantees that they have a high level of compliance with safe diving regulations and extensive experience. The price of the simple immersion (with bottle and lead) is about 40 euros.

To know more, call + 34 971 806 307 or enter your web

OrcaSub Ibiza

Marcos Verduras runs Aquadiving Center Ibiza since it opened in the 2003 year in Santa Eulalia. Professional of the seas, your main goal is to spread the admiration you feel for this sport. In Aquadiving they follow the security standards of PADI Europe and carry out their dives in the area of ​​the Levante Ibicenco.

If you want to know more about this dive center, you can contact them by calling + 34 693 045 723 or by entering your web

Punta Dive Ibiza has three centers on the island, the main one in Cala Martina, where they have been working for more than 18 for years. They have a broad diving program and, in addition, offer official courses to train instructors. Your monitors, with a minimum of 15 years of experience, will immediately transmit your passion for this fantastic sport.
You can dive from 40 euros if you have your own equipment or from 55 if you need to rent it. Contact them by calling + 34 971 336 726 or through your página web.

It is located in Portinatx, San Juan. From there they start daily to do all kinds of dives. From a few 35 euros you can participate in some, depending on the type of material you need and the excursion itself. They also offer professional diving courses. More information on the + 34 971 337 558 or on your web

The island of es Pallaret, the bota d'es Vedrà or ses Margalides are some of its star dives. The center, located in San Antonio, offers you the possibility of discovering the bottom of Ibiza from 40 euros. In addition, you can sign up for different PADI courses. To learn more, call + 34 617 280 055 or enter your page.


Located in Marina Botafoc, Ibiza, it is the only one in the Balearic Islands with the PADI CDC qualification and has two course directors among its staff. They make four dives a day and from a few 40 euros (without insurance) you can make an exit. Contact them by calling + 34 971 192 884 or by means of your web

At Playa d'en Bossa we find the Anfibios diving center, with a trajectory of more than more than 35 years. They have all kinds of dives, for all levels and with advanced courses. You can call them at + 34 665 139 198 or visit their página web.

Since the year 2003 do baptisms, different types of dives and courses for professionals. The school is in San Antonio and its rates start at the 45 euros. Your phone is + 34 679 333 782 and your portal www.active-dive.com

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