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Fishing in Ibiza has been practiced since time immemorial, however, today it has also become a great claim for tourists

Fishing, one of the oldest professions and hobbies in the world, has always had a great weight in Ibiza.

Although today it does not enjoy the relevance of yesteryear, yes it has left us countless memories. Neighborhoods such as La Marina or Sa Penya were a refuge for fishermen They stopped at the port after intense days of work. On the docks we can still see the precious llaüts they used to go out to fish and the landscape of many beaches is full of traditional fishermen's houses (booths) where they put their boats safe.

Fishing in Ibiza and Formentera 00
The llaüt is the typical boat of the Balearic Islands.

Over time, the fishing in Ibiza It has become a tourist incentive of the most attractive. There are a good number of companies that offer fishing excursions. In some you can discover the waters of the Mediterranean aboard exclusive boats while you learn the ins and outs of the profession thanks to an expert fisherman. In others you You will embark directly on a fishing boat and you will know first hand what a day in the life of an authentic sailor is like. In any case, most excursions end in the same way: tasting the catch of the day.

Licenses and marine reserves

If what you want is fishing in Ibiza, You will have to take into account several factors. First you must be in possession of a license in order. In addition, you have to know which areas are listed as a marine reserve and if there is any type of closure for certain species.

On the island, different modalities of this sport are practiced, such as, for example, recreational, underwater or sport fishing.

For fishing on an individual level it is It is essential to obtain the corresponding license granted by the Island Council of Ibiza. There are five types of license: the individual, the collective, the underwater fishing, the boat and the sport.

Regarding marine reserves, it should be noted that they have been shown over time as a good management tool to protect marine living resources. In the Pitiusas we have the reservation of Es Freus, which covers the south of Ibiza; the north and the west of Formentera and the space between the two islands.

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The Reserva de Es Freus is the second largest in the Mediterranean. Source: CAIB.

Trawling, longline, underwater and purse-seine fishing are prohibited throughout the reserve. In addition, you can not catch fish and invertebrates that are in danger.

Marine species

La richness and diversity of our marine ecosystem It is one of its main characteristics.

Obviously, the catches you make in Ibiza will depend on the coastal area in which you are and the modality you practice. Among many others, some of the species that you can come across in Ibiza are the sirvia, the rooster, the raor, the gerret, the red mullet, the dentex, the grouper, the little tuna, the horse mackerel, the octopus or the squid.

Fishing in Ibiza and Formentera 00
The raor is one of the most expensive white fish species in Spain.

As noted above, the fishing of some specimens is restricted by means of closed. This is the case raor, Cuya Capture is prohibited from the 1 from April to the 31 from August of each year. Pay attention, because the fines can reach up to the 2.000 euros.

Useful telephone numbers

-Consell Insular de Ibiza: + 34 971 195 900
-Consell Insular de Formentera: + 34 971 321 087
-General Management of Fishing: + 34 971 176 104
-Salvation and Maritime Safety: + 34 900 202 202
-Guardia Civil del Mar: + 34 971 465 112
-Ses Salines Natural Reserve: + 34 971 302 561
Fishing Guild of Ibiza: + 34 971 313 263
Formentera Fishing Guild: + 34 971 322 531

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