Yoga en Ibiza

You can find almost any type of yoga practice in Ibiza: Kundalini, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa, Acroyoga ... in addition to all kinds of alternative therapies

El yoga it is a physical and mental discipline that constitutes a whole philosophy of life and tell in Ibiza with many fans.

Originally from India, yoga, which in Sanskrit means "union", cultivates body, soul and mind. He does it through breathing exercises and meditation combined with postures called Asanas that stretch our muscles while working the balance.

Among its many benefits, the practice of yoga It makes the body more flexible, improves circulation, stylizes the figure, takes care of the heart, oxygenates the body, reduces stress, provides vitality, cleanses the body and improves concentration.

There are different styles of yoga, depending on whether they belong to more classical or more traditional schools. Some of the modalities are the Sivanda, Integral Yoga, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Viniyoga or Kundalini.

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We also find other more modern styles that come to be adaptations of hatha yoga. In this section enter the Vinyasa, Anusara, Jivamukti, Restorative Yoga, Power Yoga, Hot Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Acroyoga, Aerial Yoga, Water Yoga, Yin Yoga ...

In addition to the ubiquitous yoga, in Ibiza you will find some of the best professionals in the world in alternative therapies. Not in vain, the opening of mindset that is breathed on the island has always favored the dissemination of practices such as Reiki, naturopathy, healing or healing, cupuntura or acupressure or therapies with magnets. They also practice chi kung (traditional Chinese medicine), the ayurveda (traditional Hindu medicine) or therapies related to energies, crystal healing, bowen therapy, familial constellations, cranio-sacral, and all kinds of Massage, from relaxing to therapeutic.

Let yourself be guided and you will surely find the ideal therapy to reach a perfect balance in your life and feel how the energy flows strongly inside you again.


In Ibiza there are countless treatments that you can follow in various specialized centers, spas, agrotourism, luxury hotels or professional studios. Also, you will also find a good number of personal trainers specialized in this discipline.

The truth is that practicing yoga in Ibiza is really easy. Here we offer a list of some spaces where you can do it:

They prepare spiritual retreats among which the practice of yoga in Ibiza. If you wish, they can customize your classes, taking into account your situation. According to its creators, these are "health vacations" that take place in a wonderful village surrounded by nature. If you want more information about your weekend retreats, 7 or 14 days, enter here or call + 34 629 120 605.

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The retreats of Depura Ibiza are celebrated in a beautiful villa surrounded by nature. Photo: Depura Ibiza.

In addition to offering various beauty treatments, they give Hatha Yoga classes. They can teach their classes outdoors, which makes them even more special. They have discounts for workers and residents. If you want to know more details, go to the following link: Ibiza Blanca or call + 34 653 173 030.

If you don't have an easy schedule, Ancestral Hands adapts to it. They move where you need to teach you the benefits of hatha yoga. You choose where and when. Contact them through + 34 691 128 539 or more information here.

It is a small and beautiful store of Cala Llonga that also has rooms where they practice yoga. Only open in summer and have discounts for residents. Find out by calling + 34 693 456 575 or enter here.

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