Senderismo en Ibiza

Hiking in Ibiza allows you to get to know the island in a more leisurely way and at the same time enjoy its nature and its fabulous landscapes

El hiking in Ibiza gana more and more adepts who value this new way of discovering the island. Healthy, fun and economical at the same time, It is also shown as a fantastic option for meet new people.

Ibiza offers the visitor multitude of corners to which to approach on foot, paths on secret occasions that run through the wonderful nature of the island. Walk through green mountains of pine forest, lush interior valleys and the Ibizan coastline It is a unique experience.

Hiking in Ibiza has revealed itself as a new way of get to know "the other side" of the island. The natural and authentic Ibiza, that maintains the charm of yesteryear, the one that captivates everyone who discovers it for the first time. A walk through the coast of San José, by the lighthouse of es Moscarter de Portinatx or by the Plà de Corona de Santa Inés they are the most enriching practices.

There are groups that organize walks at sunset and even under the full moon. Photo: Walking Ibiza.

There are multitude of companies or groups that are dedicated to this practice, as well as endless excursions. Obviously, there are tours that you can do on your own, but others require the help of a experienced guide.

Through the following link you can download some of the most popular hiking routes in Ibiza (source Ibiza Travel):

Hiking routes in Ibiza


One of the advantages of this activity is that you can practice it in a group, while you meet new people or learn a language, Por ejemplo. In Ibiza there are different groups that schedule excursions, The majority of them throughout the year.

Usually They have guides with great experience and a perfect knowledge of the environment, so learning with them the history and culture of our land is extremely simple.

They usually classify their routes depending on your difficulty and, at the end, it is only necessary a small donation If you are interested in signing up, here are some of the most popular hiking groups in Ibiza:

They took their first steps in Ibiza in 2010 and, since then, they have participated in hundreds of walks throughout the island. They work throughout the year and usually go out three times a week. The contribution is about 10 euros and make routes for all levels. A plus: they speak in English! So if you want to learn the language, what better way to do it in the middle of nature?
You can request more information through the + 34 608 692 901 or in your webpage

Senderistas sin fronteras is one of the most active groups that exist in Ibiza today. They organize routes of different levels throughout the island, Formentera and even in Spain and abroad. Therefore, it is the ideal group if, in addition, you want to meet new people and travel.
Your walks are free, you just have to join the Facebook group, confirm your attendance and, above all, as they themselves say, that you go "with a good attitude to enjoy and have fun".
Contact them by email or through WhatsApp at + 34 605 119 873.

Although its name refers to another activity, in Kayak-Ibiza they also organize excursions around Ibiza. The company is formed by a team of qualified monitors with extensive knowledge about the island. Kayak-Ibiza offers you a beautiful walk and a complete immersion in the culture, customs, flora and fauna of the area.
The payment of their winter routes is made through reverse ticket office, that is, when the tour ends each decides how much he pays for it. You can contact them by calling + 34 629 523 471 or visiting your web

Senderismo en Ibiza
In some groups you can learn languages ​​while you walk! Photo: Walk and Talk.

Another group widely known in Ibiza is Walk and Talk. As its name suggests, in addition to walking through beautiful Ibiza spots, you can talk with participants in different languages. It is the perfect group to learn Spanish, English or German while you discover the history of the most beautiful natural corners of Ibiza. For more information you can visit his Facebook profile or call +34 626 481 724.

Among the many activities that take place in Ibiza is hiking. That you get in touch with nature and have fun are your main objectives. If you call + 34 676 075 704 or enter your social networking profile You will find all the information you need to decide.

They prepare excursions for different points of Ibiza, each one more beautiful. They are held throughout the year and have a good group of participants. Here you can get more information.

They organize outings by bike and on foot. Their itineraries run through beautiful landscapes of the island that, according to them, will make you "feel the authentic essence of Ibiza". In on the web you have all the info


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