Montar a caballo en Ibiza

Riding in Ibiza is one of the best ways to connect with your true essence. Discover where you can enjoy this beautiful sport

In Ibiza we can find a very varied offer at the time of to ride a horse, both for those people who are fond of horseback riding and practice it habitually, as for those who submerge first in this beautiful sport.

If what you want is to learn how to assemble or perfect your technique, there are different horse riding schools throughout the island, as well as sanctuaries focused on care and recovery of animals that have been abandoned or mistreated.

In addition to private or group classes, most offer another interesting option: to enjoy pleasant excursions through the Ibizan countryside. This is undoubtedly one of the best ways to discover the most unexplored side of the island, the the most natural Ibiza.

Riding on the beach is also a spectacular experience. Almost all the walks organized by the riding schools run through the mountain, but sometimes they offer you the possibility of finishing them in some cove or beach little crowded, according to the regulations. What's more, you can even reach give yourself a bath with the animal, a moment of the most special.

And what about the walks during the sunset? Another amazing experience.

Each company has different horses which will be assigned according to your characteristics. According to weight, height or experience, among other factors, you can choose between one or the other. The best thing is that it is a activity suitable for all audiences. You can enjoy it with friends, with family or, why not, as a couple. Further, it does not entail any kind of environmental impact.

Finally, if you like jumping competitions or trotter races, you must know that in Ibiza there is a great love for both sports. The island has two racecourses: Sant Jordi and San Rafael. In the latter is where you can attend these competitions, which are usually held on Sunday mornings.


This horse riding school offers classes for both groups and individuals. They also organize different exits by the field that advertise through its web and the prices vary according to the option that you choose. The rides for children cost 15 euros and for adults 30 euros the hour. The 45 minutes for older classes go to 18 while the children's 30 minutes go to 13.

To get to Can Mayans you must take the road from Santa Gertrudis to San Lorenzo and after about three kilometers you will see the school sign. Take the road that indicates and 400 meters you will see the blocks.

Contact: 0034 690 922 144

It is a sanctuary for horses that have been mistreated or abandoned. They organize walks for children over 12 years in the area of ​​San Juan, north of Ibiza.

You can find more information on their website or ask for it by writing to

They organize horseback riding in the north of the island. Their prices range from the 50 euros of their mountain trips to 500 for a full weekend. Advanced riders have fees from 35 euros.

You can get more information through its website or by writing an email to

In this club of Santa Gertrudis, Santa Eulalia, in addition to giving classes are made jumping competitions, among others.

Address: Santa Gertrudis - San Miguel road, kilometer 1.

Contact: 0034 663 545 5990

Dressage, cross, jumping, pony club, horseball, tumbling, ponygames ... This school in San Jose offers classes from 25 euros.

Address: Carretera de Porroig, kilometer 3.2, 07830 San José.

Contact: 0034 646 500 691

They are located very close to Santa Eulalia, on the road to Atzaró. They program different routes on horseback with experienced guides that pass through the township of the river.

How to get there: You are on the same road as the famous Agroturismo Atzaró.

Contact: 0034 679 561 140.

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