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Getting around Ibiza, however small, is not as easy as it sounds. Plan how you want to move because rent a car also suffer Overbooking

Ibiza has a very small extension. The longest distance from north to south of the island is 41 kilometers while from east to west is 15. Those who come from the Peninsula may even seem to laugh, but we all know that the issue of distance is relative and according to the roads, this can be complicated, something that happens here. If you decide to travel to Ibiza something that you should consider is the theme of transport.

Colada car Salada

Consider yourself lucky if you know someone on the island who owns a vehicle And lend it to you or make you a chauffeur. If you do not run that fate, The first thing you should know is where you stay and the places you want to visit Since, according to your answer, you will have to choose one way to move or another. Unfortunately, however small Ibiza is, the bike is not worth everything yet.

Public transportation

Yes, in Ibiza there is public transport, but maybe it is not the best option when moving from one place to another. There's a Large number of linesHowever, The frequencies and what they usually take to arrive to his destiny They may make you lose more time on the road that enjoying the place you go to. eye! Depending on where you go, it is a good idea to take it. Playa d'en Bossa, Salinas or the airport tienen good service in summer.

What you should look at if you want to party is the Bus disk service. A bus that takes you to the most atmospheric areas of Ibiza, without having to take unnecessary risks or worry about the police controls that may be on the road. The most frequented are those of Playa d'en Bossa and San Antonio.

In any case, if you want to opt for public transport, we advise you to visit the page www.ibizabus.com In it you will find the lines, frequencies and stops of all the buses of Ibiza. For its part, in discobusibiza.com You can check the departures of this night service.

Taxis en Ibiza

Moving-in-Ibiza-taxisIn Ibiza there is a many taxis, However, you also can not trust your trip to this service to 100%. Besides that You will not go cheap unless you are a good group, maybe, especially on summer nights, you do not find any since they can not cope with the amount of people who come to the island in high season. A few years ago, some saw in this problem the business of the goose that lays the golden eggs and, with their private vehicle and without a license, they began to go to the points of greatest influx of customers to transport them themselves. This is what is known as 'pirate taxis', service that we do not recommend at all. It will not cost you much less than a legal taxi, is not safe plus, Is punished by law.

If you need call a cab, Here are the phones by municipalities:

Ibiza +34 971 398 483
San Jose +34 971 800 080
San Antonio +34 971 343 764
San Juan +34 971 333 333
Santa Eulalia +34 971 333 033

Small Boats

Transport-Ibiza-boatThere are boats that cover routes from ports to ports on the island or to certain beaches. One of the most emblematic of Ibiza is undoubtedly Barcas de Talamanca, a regular line that connects the center of the port of Ibiza with different points of it.
In the ports of each municipality you will find the points of information where to make you with the schedules of departure and arrival and with the routes that they cover.

If what you want is spend the day in Formentera, There are several shipping companies Who travel there as Mediterranean Pitiusa o Trasmapi. In addition to small boats that make this trip on the same day and are advertised in the same port (Captain Hook o Ulises Cat). You can also hire your own private boat excursion as Porto Petro Ibiza Boat, that approach you to the smallest of the Pitiusas with all the comforts.

Car and motorbike rentals

As you will have done to look for your flight or ferry, you will have to Check various rent a car Until you find the one that offers you the best conditions. The fleet of rental cars in Ibiza is huge, but keep in mind that, as in flights, Also the dreaded 'overbooking' So do not leave everything to chance. In Ibiza you will find both the best-known and low-cost national companies.

Transportation-Ibiza-motoFirst, If you are going to move in a timely manner and you will not drive long distances, we advise you that you rent a motion. You will save money and headaches when parking, which in summer becomes impossible in Ibiza. On the other hand, If you want to visit the coast of Ibiza to see each and every one of its beaches o people You may want to rent a car. Access to some coves is quite complicated to do on a motorcycle because they are usually dirt roads with a steep slope.

In any case do not worry, you will always be in time to change your choice.

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